Questions About Tactics and Targets as Civilian Toll Climbs in Israeli Strikes

"One of the survivors, Bassam Abu Jameh, lay on a mat with a broken leg, his eyes rimmed with red. His wife, Yasmeen; two brothers; and three children, Batool, 5, Sohaila, 3, and Bassam, 1, had all been killed. “There is nothing left,” he said, pressing his hand to his eyes. “It is the end for us.”

He closed his eyes, lying still and letting his neighbors continue the account. After a while, he opened them again and announced, in a shaky voice: “I will marry again four times, and I will have 10 sons with each wife, and they will all be in the resistance.”

On Monday, the neighborhood was ghostly quiet. Most residents had fled, and where the home had been was a deep bomb crater and piles of rubble.

At the house next door, a little girl, seeing journalists approach in flak jackets, sat on a stoop, put her face in her hands and wept.”

Full New York Times Article by Anne Barnard Here


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There Is a Guard at the Gate

There is a guard at the gate

Where the elephant and rhinoceros dream

He wears a khaki uniform

The guard is not alone

But even with his little hungry army

The guard cannot be everywhere

The hunters are many

And they have already eaten and slept

He must sleep and dream of eyes in the back of his head

There are holes in the fence

Here and there and there

The elephants and rhinoceros get fat from leaves and grass and nuts

But there are grumbling tummies

And worried mothers

And men from far away waving

Big money.

For those toenail rhino horns

And the ivory tusks

Feed your babies and your neighbors babies

Here are guns and saws

You know where the elephants and rhinoceros dream

Those dreams once covered the continent of Africa

The guard at the gate thinks “everyday

I could feed my babies

And my little brave army

With just one tusk or horn

But who will take my place at the gate?

They will all be dead in no time

And forever.”

And he knows

Forever is coming too fast anyway.

Then the guard,

Who will have to find a new job

Can leave the gate and his dreams

Of eyes in the back of his head.

-Dave Matthews


Elizabeth Kolbert: How Terrorism Is Threatening African Elephants


THE BIG SCREEN SERIES.  The Song that Jane Likes.


The War on Kids - This is the story of Jesse Snodgrass, a kid with Asperger’s syndrome who was arrested by an undercover cop posing as a student at Jesse’s high school. This is the story of how the war on drugs preys on the most vulnerable.


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